Weather forecasts with all information in advance and during the J/80 Worlds will be supported by WetterWelt GmbH.

Extremely professional in a logically structured, easily understandable, comprehensive and precise format. This is only one of the whole range of excellent services provided by a team of highly qualified meteorologists in Germany. WetterWelt GmbH provides marine weather for commercial shipping and water sport enthusiastics as well as business weather worldwide.

We offer to all participants special conditions for the high resolution GRIB-data ‘RACING performance’ and the meteorological software GRIB-View2:

WetterWelt GRIB-data package ‘RACING Performance’ for 10 days (1. July – 10. July 2015):
High resolution GRIB-data (spatial 500m and 2000m; temporal 30min and 60min) incl. wind speed, wind direction, gusts, wave height, air pressure,  temperature and current. Our GRIB data is designed for our meteorological navigation software GRIB-View 2, but the data can easily be imported in all common navigation software (Expedition, Deckman, MaxSee etc.)
Regular price: 298,-EUR
Special offer for J80 World Championship participants: 150,- EUR (incl. V.A.T.)

WetterWelt GRIB-View2, the METEOROLOGICAL navigation software incl. regional map for Kieler Bucht
Regular Price: 197,80 EUR
Special offer for J80 World Championship participants: 150,- EUR (incl. V.A.T.)

Just send the order including your personal details and your sailing number to For the software you will receive a download and the GRIB-data will be sent via email.